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Brahma Beatbrations

BridgerConway was chosen by Brahma Paraguay to develop a special edition of their pack related to music.

Challenge and Results.

The agency developed a concept around music in a non-traditional way. Based on cymatics, the application of sound vibrations in matter, we've designed a can that shows the frequencies caused by sound.

The concept needed a name that symbolized the translation of music into images, and "Beatbrations" fitted perfectly.

Such was the success of "Beatbrations", that Brahma decided to extend this special edition to an event under the same name.

What's more important is that the concept and the whole experience are directly related with the product.

On December 7th, the world's best DJs presented "Brahma Beatbrations", allowing brahma to introduce an outstanding 360º communication platform.

  • ClientBrahma
  • IndustryAlcoholic Beverages
  • DisciplineBranding & Communication
  • CountryParaguay
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